Frequently Asked Questions

1Are my files safe to send online?

Clients trust professionals to safeguard their sensitive information. Using e-mail is just like sending a postcard. Sensitive information such as SIN#’s, birthdates and financial information can easily be intercepted and cause serious harm such as identity theft and ruin your reputation and the association that you belong to.

To ensure that your information is safe, we use secure encryption on our website and forms, and use a secure e-Courier so you can saftely send information over emails.

2What areas do you service?

We service all of Canada with the exception of Quebec,

3When will I get my refund?

After tax preparation and filing, you can get your refund in as little as 4 to 10 business days, direct deposited into your bank account!

4Do you EFILE tax returns?

Yes, if you are eligible to EFILE your tax return, we offer the service. You can you get faster payments and income tax refunds.

5Can I split my CPP pension with my spouse?

CPP recipients can request that their CPP benefits be split and paid separately to a spouse of common-law partner based on the length of time the individuals have been living together relative to the length of the contributory period.

1Can I claim the UCCB amount on my childs income instead of my own?

If you were a single parent on December 31, 2016, you can: Include all UCCB amounts you received in 2016 in the income of the dependant for whom the amount for an eligible dependant (line 305 of Schedule 1) is being claimed. If there is no claim for the amount for an eligible dependant, you can choose to include all UCCB amounts in the income of a child for whom you received the UCCB. If you choose this option, enter on line 185, located below and to the left of line 117, the amount shown in box 10 of the RC62 slip. Do not report the amount on line 117.

2Can I use KISIT if I’m self-employed or own a small business?

If you’re a business owner or own a partnership, we can help you through our online filing service! We do not yet support incorporated business online, but you may contact us for further information.

3Do you offer family rates?

We can accommodate family member tax returns at a reduced cost. Please contact us for further information.

4What is a T4?

A T4, or a Statement of Remuneration Paid, is an information slip prepared and issued by an employer to tell you and the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) how much employment income you were paid during a tax year and the amount of income tax that was deducted. Use T4s in preparing and filing your Canadian income taxes.

You can download the T4 HERE


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Is a Proud Member of the Institute of Professional Bookkeepers of Canada


Is a Proud Member of the Institute of Professional Bookkeepers of Canada