KISIT Tax Co.’s mission is to make filing your income tax return as simple and convenient as possible. We want you to feel confident that your taxes are done professionally, accurately and completely supported, not just at tax time, but throughout the year. Though based in Nova Scotia, we can prepare and eFile tax returns throughout Canada (outside Quebec)


Set-up Your Free Account

Create your Account and you will receive a confirmation email, Login instructions and you can download your basic tax package in our secure portal.

Create Account

You will be able to print, fill in and sign your starting documents easily. Then, using our secure portal, you will be able uploads tax slips and applicable documents to your account. This can even be done from a smartphone! You will be able to send and receive messages from your tax specialist and any time. Your account is protected and encrypted so no other person has access to your private information.


Complete the forms and Upload Documents.

After an account has been created for you, you can login on our website to access it at anytime. Once you have your tax package follow the simple instructions provided on how to fill forms and submit your information to us.

If you have decided to download the forms for completion, you can either post them to us, or upload them online in your tax folder portal.

Once we have received all the relevant forms, we will complete your taxes and then a representative will contact you for review.


Completion and Payment

Once satisfied with your return, you can either e-transfer or use paypal to make payment and your return will be e-filed on your behalf.

If you have qualified for a refund, you may have this refund deposited directly into your bank account within 4-10 business days.

What our clients are saying...

  • Kisit tax was simple easy to understand and Mary made everything simple to get done properly."

    Keegan, US Citizen living in Halifax, NS
  • I used Kisit Tax for my personal income tax return. It was conveniently located, quick and affordable.

    Genny Prouty, Pubnico, NS
  • Kisit tax was so convenient. I submitted all my forms from home with no problem at all. The turn around was quick to. I'll definitely be using Kisit again next year

    Miranda Morse, Halifax
  • I emailed my info to KISIT and had my return later that day, and money within a week. KISIT is speedy, friendly and accurate and I will be using them again this year!

    Susan Higgins, Upper Stewiacke NS


Is a Proud Member of the Institute of Professional Bookkeepers of Canada


Is a Proud Member of the Institute of Professional Bookkeepers of Canada